Skin Improvement

Re-Age offers 3 products for skin rejuvenation:

  1. Skin Factor 1 with rosemary stops gylcation in the skin and gives the skin it's original suppleness
  2. Skin Factor 2 with unique botanicals  provides UV-protection. Sun protection in a capsule!
  3. Skin Factor 3 hydrates the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis. Skin factor 3 contains hyaluronic acid & pro-collagen factors

3 steps twoards skin health & beauty!

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Skin Factor 1 New

Skin Factor 1

AGE-breakerSkin Factor 1 is an AGE-breaker. AGE stands fornAdvanced-Glyvcation-Endproducts (AGE) &nb..

€99.00 Ex Tax: €93.40

Skin Factor 2 New

Skin Factor 2

UV-protection in a capsule!Exposure to sunlight, to UV radiation triggers the rapid generation and a..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €55.66

Skin Factor 3 New

Skin Factor 3

Hydration & rejuvenationThe third formula in the Skin Factor range aims to improve skin hydratio..

€89.00 Ex Tax: €83.96