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Skin Factor 1

AGE-breaker with Rosemary
New Skin Factor 1


Skin Factor 1 is an AGE-breaker. AGE stands for Advanced-Glyvcation-Endproducts (AGE) and are crosslinked proteins and sugars. These crosslinks are also commonly known as advanced-glycation-end-products (AGEs) and are the final result of a complex series of chemical reactions. In the skin, these AGEs are at the basis of elastosis and reduced elasticity and a yellowish-brown discolorization of the skin.

In diabetics this crosslinking with sugar occurs at an even more faster rate.

Dietary AGEs constitute a significant source of AGEs in the body. AGEs formation can be rapidly accelerated by increasing the time and degree of exposure to heat and can be introduced into the body in heat-processed foods. E. g., pretzel sticks are a rich source of pentosidine and pyrraline. 

In 2015, researchers from France, including the anti-aging expert dr. Claude Dalle studied different so-called AGE-breakers, including rosemarinic acid and found that the latter was very effective in breaking the crosslinks between proteins and sugar.The skin will become supple again.

Skin Factor 1 with rosemary extract is the first step towards skin beauty!

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For both men & women. Stop glycation and get a more supple skin. Skin factor 1 is the first step to maintain a healthy skin and contains natural ingredients, like Rosemary, vitamins and minerals. Rosemary is an AGE-breaker.


 Right blend of active ingredients 

 First step to maintain a healthy skin

 Smart blisters: hygienic, long shelf life & easy to travel with!

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