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Henk-Peter Oonk, MD and Huib Klaasen, pharmacist, spend 5 years reviewing the clinical literature. In close co-operation with Professor Dr. Alfred Wolf from Germany, they decided on the active ingredients for each product. Only those active ingredients with the right clinical scientific backup ended up in the capsules.  For each indication the right formulation was determined, based on clinical evidence today. These formulations of multiple active ingredients in one capsule have two major advantages:

  1. Less pills allows for higher compliance and, thus, the effect of the treatment.

  2. Formulations of multiple active ingredients are cheaper then buying multiple ingredients separately. On average the Re-Age line is >30% cheaper. By having multiple active ingreditions in one capsule, the medical problem is treated from multiple angles. The chances for a successful therapy should be higher.

Accrediation by World Council On Preventive Medicine (WOCPM)

The WOCPM reviewed the Re-Age supplements on:

  1. Formulation, choice of active ingrediënts
  2. Medical consideration
  3. Ingredient doses
  4. Clinical consideration
  5. Certificates of Analysis from the laboratory
  6. Literature sources

The science-based approach was at the very basis of this accreditation.

The score for the Re-Age products is 82 out of 100! For more specific information on accreditation please check the accreditation​​​​​​​ page.

Supported by many International physicians in Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine

Re-Age works closely with many physicians in Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine around the world.  The Re-Age products are currently Free Sale throughout the EU and are currently in the process of registration in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Russia. More countries will follow shortly.