Passion Flower

Our Passion Flower extract comes from Europe, where it is cultivated organically.

Plant part used: Whole grass.

Extraction-method: water, with a 4:1 extraction ratio.

More then 500 species of passion flowers are known. Passion Flowers (latin name is Passiflora incarnata L.) are native to Nothern-America, The Caribbean and in Mid and South America. Extracts of  Passiflora incarnata can be used as phytotherapy, as anti-stress and sleeping agent. 

The extract we use is among the best in the world with extremely low quantities of heavy metal contamination. Lead < 3 ppm), Aserenic (< 3 ppm), Cadmium  (<1 ppm) and Mercury (<0,01 ppm).

Our product, Pre Sleep, contains Passion Flower.