Our promise

High-Quality Supplements produced in The Netherlands

All of our products are manufactured in The Netherlands (EU).  Laboratorium Medisan in Heerenveen has a dedicated 1,400 square meters of validated clean room space in accordance with the EU GMP classification A&D, ‘GMP-Annex 1, PE 009-5: 1 August 2006’. In addition, Laboratorium Medisan is HACCP-certified for Food Safety to develop and produce food supplements as capsules and liquids. This HACCP quality system is in accordance with the ‘General Food Law’ (GFL 178/2002 EG) and the regulation (852/2004 EG) of the European Parliament and the Cabinet Council of 29 April on food hygiene

Laboratorium Medisan permanently works towards a greener world. Every day we keep pace with the latest scientific know how that enables us to initiate, develop and produce health products and medical devices based on biologically active ingredients solely from durable raw materials. These products are designed for everyone consciously focused on their health and wellbeing and serve to support, protect and promote good health and have a positive effect on bodily functions that are out of balance.

At Re-Age, the capsules do not end up in a pot. Each capsule is separately blistered and packed in a hard carton box. This way, not only hygiene, but also stability of the product is guaranteed at different humidity and temperatures. An advantage of this type of packaging is that it is easy to take a blister of capsules while traveling.