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As men age testosterone levels decline. This may cause several discomforts such as less energy, difficulty sleeping, loss of muscle mass & strength, weightgain, urinary/bladder problems and a diminished stamina and/or libido. You can also experience mental symptoms such as concentrationproblems, moodiness or depression.

ReAge specifically designed the MALE FACTOR-Line for men. The Male Factor line consists of Male Factor 1, Male Factor 2 en Male Factor 3. 

Male Factor 1 contains powerfull, 100% natural ingredients such as important vitamins, Zinc & Selenium, Ginkgo Biloba and Tribulus Terrestris. It focuses on fitness, energy, musle strength and muscle recovery (B-vitamins) and maintaining normal testosterone levels (Zinc). 

Male Factor 2 also contains natural and effective ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients like Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto, Urtica Radix and Resveratrol. If focuses on hormonal activity and normal synthesis of male hormones. Male Factor 2 is also good for the bladder, urinary tract and maintaining good prostate function (*). 

Male Factor 3 contains Maca, Pycnogenol en L-Arginine. It focuses on male potency (Maca*), stamina and good bloodcirculation (Pycnogenol*). 

You can combine all Male Factors for more powerfull results and a multi approach. For instance; Male Factor 2 works complementary to Male Factor 1 and 3.

Additionally ReAge advises ReAge Magnesium for strong bones and muscles and activation of the natural energy in the body. 

* Healthclaims awaiting European admission. 

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