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Male Factor 1

New male supplement; supports normal testosteron concentration (Zinc)
Male Factor 1


Testosterone levels start to decrease around the age of thirty. Free testosterone levels decrease by 1-2% per year on average. These levels decrease by 50-60% between the ages of twenty-five and seventy-five, which is a normal process. A decrease in testosterone levels can cause physical and psychological symptoms. 

Changes in blood pressure and cholesterol may be linked to your testosterone levels.

Strength, energy and libido.
Low testosterone levels can cause fatique and may slow down your recovery after physical activities. It can cause changes in your mood and you may experience difficulty sleeping. A reduction may also contribute to hairloss and reduction of bone- and muscle mass. Furthermore it can cause a reduction in testicle size, amount of semen and the lowering of your sex drive. 

What causes a decrease in testosterone?
A decrease in testosterone can have different causes, including:

  • Testosterone production decreases
  • The testosterone supply in the blood changes, testosterone starts to bind more tightly to the SHBG proteins
  • Testosterone metabolism changes
  • The effectiveness of testosterone receptors decreases
  • There are interactions with other hormones

Male Factor 1: how does it work?
Male Factor 1 only contains safe ingredients. The active ingredients and their effects on energy and libido include:

  • Vitamin B6, which regulates hormone activities and reduces fatigue
  • Zinc, which supports normal testosterone levels and improves fertility
  • Selenium, which supports sperm production
  • Tribulus terrestris, which supports hormone activities and has a positive effect on reproductive health
  • Ginko Biloba, which contributes to good blood ciruclation

Additional supplements
Combining Male Factor 1 and Male Factor 2 offers an effective, natural supplement. 

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The hormone testosterone helps the body maintain muscle strength, endurance and physical fitness. Male Factor 1 is a new high-quality supplement, a 100% natural way to support testosterone production. It contains safe ingredients that help maintain energy levels, support muscle function and leave you feeling fitter.


 Right combination of clinically-active ingredients in 1 capsule per day

 Accreditation by World Council of Anti-Aging & Preventive Medicine dr's

 Blisters: hygienic & long shelf life

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