About Us

Personal and interested in you!

Re-Age is a new line of high-quality nutritional supplements geared specifically towards the aging process. The Re-Age line of products with different combinations of active ingredients, each of which addresses a different aspect of aging. For the different anti-aging products we evaluated, concisely  and in-depth, the clinical literature and have selected the right, meaningful ingredients in our capsules: you know you have the right product! Multiple active ingredients per capsule is user friendly and significantly cheaper if you would buy each active ingredient separately!

Who we are?

Henk-Peter Oonk

Henk-Peter Oonk, MD opened his own medical practice five years ago in the Dutch city of Blaricum. He has a degree in Preventative, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, which takes an integrated approach to the aging process based on the latest developments in the field of medical science.

Huib Klaasen

Pharmacist Huib Klaasen owns several pharmacies in the Netherlands. The aging process is his specific field of interest. As a chemist, he understands how nutritional supplements are best absorbed by the body and what it does in the body. He has extensive experience in the fields of pharmacokinetics and dynamics.

Cees de Bondt

Cees de Bondt has years of experience as a distributor of medical and cosmetic products. Together with the distribution centre and our distribution partners, he ensures that your order is prepared and delivered to your home or office in time.


The current Re-Age line was developed based on five years of preparation and thorough analyses of relevant clinical publications. This helped us develop the current combination of active ingredients, which is incorporated into just one or two capsules. All of these active ingredients were the subject of individual publications. If the evidence was not substantial enough, the ingredient wasn't added to the capsule.